Jamb-friend: A jamb is a supporting timber, of course, which makes a jamb-friend an early 19th-century word for a friend with whom you could quite happily sit by a fireside talking and relaxing well into the early hours. In the UK we are nearing the time when we will be able to meet with others face … Continue reading Jamb-friends

When I write …


Take a moment to reflect on what you know about writing. Make a cup of tea, if you like, or pour something stronger into a glass. Sit (or stand) and freewrite for ten minutes. Keep going for longer,  if you have the energy and the will.  Start with the words “When I write … “ or … Continue reading When I write …


I stumbled across this delicious book whilst tidying my bookshelves and it reminded me of two projects my school worked on last year - an exhibition of portraits with artist Katy Bentall in February and a summer exhibition about plastic in the sea in conjunction with artist Alice Finbow. It seems that last year was … Continue reading Faces