When I write …

Take a moment to reflect on what you know about writing. Make a cup of tea, if you like, or pour something stronger into a glass. Sit (or stand) and freewrite for ten minutes. Keep going for longer,  if you have the energy and the will. 

Start with the words “When I write … “ or with, “Writing is … “  or “what I want to tell you about writing …”  Go with the freewriting, freewheeling spirit. Let you pen take you. Maybe you didn’t realise all that you know or maybe the writing is making you wonder about the things you don’t know.

If you prefer, write a list. Aim for fifty things you know about writing. There are probably plenty more than that!

If you are working on screen, try writing a thousand words about what you know about writing. What are your secrets and your strategies? Where are the obstacles and the pleasures? What could you share with the writers you work with?

When we enter writing conversations, with younger writers and with our peers, we can draw on all our experience of writing. We learn from other people’s approaches and insights and they learn from us. Sometimes, it is worth taking the time to pause and take stock of what we know. We may find that it allows us to make better use of that knowledge both in our own writing and when writing with others.

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