I came across a copy of the Gobblefunk Dictionary yesterday. It’s a dictionary devoted to words that Roald Dahl invented and used in his novels, especially in The BFG. There’s a real pleasure in inventing words, and if you are reading a story by Roald Dahl you will have a head start. How about your … Continue reading Gobblefunk

Look through the eyes of another


It’s the weekend and so maybe there is time for some fiction. Or maybe you are planning ahead. Think about telling a story through the eyes of someone who is not you. Start  with a place you know well. It may be the view through your window, the local shop, a spot where you sit in … Continue reading Look through the eyes of another


Through fiction we develop a body of knowledge about language unlike any other. Developing language through the reading and hearing of fiction gives us a deep understanding of writing through sitting in the opposite seat - that of the reader. A much broader range of language is employed in literature than in spoken language so … Continue reading Fiction