Technical Terms


You may have already found that you need to know more about flowers or birds or slugs or insects to help you identify them. Sometimes the difference between one tree and another is down to the shape of a leaf  or the colour of a bud. It can be tricky! In order to use an identification … Continue reading Technical Terms

Naming the land

When we know a place well, we have our own local names for streets and landmarks. In our village, where there is a ‘Front Street’, many people call the parallel street, ‘Back Street’, even though it has a quite different name on the street sign. There is a Mill Road [though the mill no longer … Continue reading Naming the land

The Things That I Love about Trees

Using a first person narrative, this beautiful picture book works it way through the seasons telling its readers what is special about trees throughout the year. The pages also hold snippets of information which link to the main text. Although it is not technically part of the Nature Storybooks series by Walker Books, it follows … Continue reading The Things That I Love about Trees