Doors open inwards to enclosed spaces and outwards into wild city streets, quiet country lanes or even undiscovered worlds. There may be tiny doors in the skirting board or amongst the roots of trees, doors into the mountainside and heavily barred and bolted doors that guard the entrance to a fortress. Doors can take us into the safety of home or somewhere more treacherous. Behind the door there may be the friendly face of your grandmother, or is it the wolf disguised in her shawl and slippers?

Today, we will imagine a single door. Does the door open into an enclosed space or out to the world beyond? Who is on the other side of the door? Are you inside, answering a knock or are you outside, knocking to be let in?

You could write a story straight into your notebook or on paper.

You could write the story, complete with speech bubbles, on a simple single door card.

Fold a sheet of A4 or A5 paper in half to make a card. Cut a door from the front sheet. On the outside, draw the details of the door and a few words of introduction. On the inside you can draw the person who answers the knock or the person who is outside knocking. Use the back of the door flap to write what happens, or what is said.


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