In touch

Today it is all about touch: about hot and cold, about rough and smooth; slimy or dry; crispy or silky. Make a list of words that are all about the touch of things, the texture of things, the heat and shape of things. 

Now let’s freewrite. Here are some sentence starters to get you going:

walking in bare feet …  my fingertips touch …   on my tongue …   like the feel of … when I stroke … I hate the feel of … I wouldn’t like to pick up … in my hand …

Now, write a short piece, poem or prose, in which the sense of touch is important. Think about which parts of you are doing the touching: lips, tongue, hands, feet. The whole body is involved in some things -swimming, getting into a shower, between sheets, squeezing into tight shoes. We like the touch of some things and don’t like the idea of touching other things. What about a worm or a spider? The actual touch can be quite different from how we imagine.

Try writing about getting dressed, getting into a bath or bed, grooming an animal, eating toast or ice cream or spaghetti. You will have good ideas of your own. Concentrate on touch to help us imagine the experience.through touch

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