A feast!

Today’s list is all about food. Think about what you really like to eat. What would be your ideal banquet? What food do you choose when you can? What food have you never eaten but would like to try? What food have you eaten in different places that you would like to be able to … Continue reading A feast!


When Mole first meets Ratty, in The Wind in the Willows, Ratty takes him out on the river. He stows a picnic hamper in the boat and Mole, curious, asks what’s inside it. Ratty replies, There’s cold chicken inside it … coldtonguecoldhamcoldbeefpickledgherkinssaladfranchrollscressandwichespottedmeatgingerbeerlemonadesodawater – Oh, stop, stop, Mole cries. It is too much. Ratty is worried. ‘Do … Continue reading It’sapicnic!