Verb into metaphor


Metaphors are a powerful part of the ways in which we think. Metaphors provide us with a way of characterising the new and of reconstructing the familiar. Here is a way of thinking about metaphor and landscape.  Start by thinking of a dog: make a list of things that a dog does, essentially a list … Continue reading Verb into metaphor

The Furniture Game


You probably know the furniture game and it is fun to play. I have played it as a guessing game and as a way of thinking about an individual. Think of someone you know well and then think about them in terms of any number of things. Answer the question: ‘if they were a [insert … Continue reading The Furniture Game

mixed feelings…

… I am……            over the moon                            under a cloud on top of the world                            kinda blue                            walking on air                            happy as the cat who got the cream like a bear with a sore head broken-hearted cheesed off bored to tears like a fish out of water like a cat on hot bricks a bit hot under … Continue reading mixed feelings…