Becoming Our Own Experts


I have been thinking about how much teachers know, and in particular, how much teachers who write know. Teachers know more about who and what they teach than most commentators and critics could possibly imagine. And yet commentators and critics feel free to deride teachers and to complain about their many shortfalls. Some governments have … Continue reading Becoming Our Own Experts



Non-fiction has a terrible reputation in schools. I have to say it has earned it -all that endless, pointless, writing of instructions, the torture of an explanation and the dreariness of a recount or a balanced argument, painstakingly written within the spiky scaffolding of a writing frame; the convoluted excuses - or the, more honest, … Continue reading Non-fiction


Through fiction we develop a body of knowledge about language unlike any other. Developing language through the reading and hearing of fiction gives us a deep understanding of writing through sitting in the opposite seat - that of the reader. A much broader range of language is employed in literature than in spoken language so … Continue reading Fiction