To Write Is a Feeling


How do you feel about writing? When we are working with teachers, it is likely that they will begin by expressing their feelings about it -doubt, fear, lack of confidence; the sense that it is difficult; the sense that it is daunting, that they can’t write, that it is too exposing, that it is too … Continue reading To Write Is a Feeling


We believe that the teaching of writing is significantly strengthened if teachers write for themselves and with others. In writing for ourselves we make discoveries about what we can and cannot do, how writing works for us, how we get ourselves out of scrapes and into things that matter to us. And we find ways … Continue reading


I stumbled across this delicious book whilst tidying my bookshelves and it reminded me of two projects my school worked on last year - an exhibition of portraits with artist Katy Bentall in February and a summer exhibition about plastic in the sea in conjunction with artist Alice Finbow. It seems that last year was … Continue reading Faces