Cupboard Book


Here is the cupboard book we used to store our special things. You can open its doors and stash away special places, people and things. The good thing about this paper cupboard is that it will take anything from the smallest to the largest thing. It will even accommodate imagined and remembered things. I put … Continue reading Cupboard Book

Instructions for a Friend


It is really, really hard to write good instructions. Often drawings are required as well as words. Sometimes drawings alone do the job. One is, must be, more acutely aware of one’s audience than almost any other kind of writing. Very often the subject of the instruction is so familiar to us that we forget … Continue reading Instructions for a Friend

The Travelling Bookbinder

We’d like to introduce you to The Travelling Bookbinder. Rachel Hazell is an imaginative and generous bookbinder, teacher and lover of papery, wordy things. Her book, Bound, is a beautiful collection of book-making projects. They are all easily manageable. Each book form suggests different ideas for writing and art work.  The Travelling Bookbinder has a regular … Continue reading The Travelling Bookbinder