Belly like a bream


This short traditional rhyme is a wonderful invitation to close observation and imaginative invention. It is a list of ingredients to create an animal, and it works through its use of similes. The exciting thing about it for the writer, and consequently the reader, is to find new and surprising smiles. One of the pleasures … Continue reading Belly like a bream

Colour chart

In our last post, we wrote about colour comparisons. Today, we are going to make up names for colours. It is a similar activity. Think about a paint chart, or the names for lipstick colours or the colours of cars. We make up all kinds of phrases to suggest a colour: strawberry blush; dead salmon; … Continue reading Colour chart

mixed feelings…

… I am……            over the moon                            under a cloud on top of the world                            kinda blue                            walking on air                            happy as the cat who got the cream like a bear with a sore head broken-hearted cheesed off bored to tears like a fish out of water like a cat on hot bricks a bit hot under … Continue reading mixed feelings…