What are you eating?

Perhaps you could keep a food diary. Nigel Slater, the chef and writer, said in a recent interview that he has kept a food diary for years. His books all emerge from these daily records of shopping, growing, cooking and eating. Perhaps you could start your writing by listing what you have eaten. Was it delicious? Did you make it?

Maybe you have been food shopping with an adult. Maybe you have done some cooking or helped prepare a meal. Maybe you watched as someone else cooked.

Write it down. Maybe write the recipe. Or describe your cook and how they prepare the  meal. Note down what you do to help -don’t just sit there unless that is what they like. Maybe you could note down what you talk about while you are cooking. What music is playing?

When I was making a drawing every day, I drew the ingredients for my evening meal. Sometimes I was so hungry that I forgot to draw before I had chopped everything up and put it in the pan. Sometimes I drew the cooked meal, though it is harder to tell what that was. Try drawing and writing.

You could add photos and maybe some food labels -those little stickers from fruit, the packaging from tea or pasta.


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