Points of view

A little technical challenge today. You need something to write with and something to write on.

We’re going to do five minutes of freewriting about what you did yesterday or this morning; describe in as much detail as possible. Write in first person, using ‘I’ and ‘we’. Try and find something to time yourself. Go!

All done? Brilliant, now we’re going to do another five minutes describing the same thing but this time write it in second person (using ‘you’ instead of ‘me’ and ‘I’). Five minutes. Go!

OK, last one…a final five minutes and this time you’re writing in third person. This means you need to use ‘he/she’, ‘they’. Remember you’re writing about exactly the same thing, just changing the person. Go!

How was that? Which was the most difficult, first, second or third person writing? Which did you prefer doing? Which end result do you prefer?

How does writing in a different person affect the reader’s point of view?

Take a rest, technical challenge completed.

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