Here’s one I made earlier

We are often encouraged to model a piece of writing; to show students how to write in a particular way. We should, indeed, act as role models for our students. And we learn from watching others at work. There’s the hitch. Writing is a messy and unpredictable thing. We often worry about our students spotting … Continue reading Here’s one I made earlier



In the nineteenth century, women were allowed to go out cycling. It became a popular pastime.  It wasn’t all plain sailing, though. Women were expected to behave themselves and certainly not act in an unladylike way. . The New Times published a list of ‘Don’ts for women riders’.  Here are some examples from the list: Don’t … Continue reading Don’t!

The Pedagogy of Listening

The Pedagogy of Listening. The Listening Perspective from Reggio Emilia.I would like to draw your attention to this article written by Carlina Rinaldi and found here: Carlina Rinaldi conceives school as a place that can play an active role in our search for meaning; where both adults and children seek individual and shared meanings; … Continue reading The Pedagogy of Listening