The Furniture Game


You probably know the furniture game and it is fun to play. I have played it as a guessing game and as a way of thinking about an individual. Think of someone you know well and then think about them in terms of any number of things. Answer the question: ‘if they were a [insert … Continue reading The Furniture Game


My Place


‘People exploitwhat they have merely concluded to be of value, but the defendwhat they love and to defend what we love we need a particularizing language, for we love what we particularly know.’ Wendell Berry Robert Macfarlane quotes Berry in his book Landmarks, drawing attention to the moral dimension of looking closely and naming carefully.  We could begin … Continue reading My Place

Q & A

I was daydreaming, this morning, about the kind of things that children really love to write.  I thought that there is nothing like a clip board -and a list of names. For very young children, writing out a register is the best fun. Then you can go around the class asking an important question like ‘crisps … Continue reading Q & A