Cupboard Book

Here is the cupboard book we used to store our special things. You can open its doors and stash away special places, people and things. The good thing about this paper cupboard is that it will take anything from the smallest to the largest thing. It will even accommodate imagined and remembered things. I put my children in there, my house and garden and soe of the things that can be found there.

Here’s how to make the book:

Take a piece of A4 paper – or a larger or smaller rectangle – (the younger children preferred the larger books made with A3 paper). Fold it in half, lengthwise.

Fold sides to middle.

Open the sheet of paper put and cut along the two horizontal folds from each side to the vertical fold.

Fold the paper back again. You should have a folded book with double doors that open to reveal what is inside. This form really invites drawing alongside your writing – or writing alongside your drawing.

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