Zigzag Memories

Here’s another way of presenting your words, of making your words into a present.

It is what I am going to call the collage concertina. If you can think of a better name, let me know!

This is a book that you can make as long or as short as you like. You can keep adding pages until you are ready to top and tail it with its covers. It is a zigzag or concertina book where images can take a starring role.  Here’s how to make the book:

You need

Sheets of paper to make pages. I used 10.5 x 8 cm sheets. 

2 sheets of contrasting paper to make covers. The same size as the pages.

Strips of decorative paper to join the pages. They must be the same height as the pages. I cut the strips roughly 8 x 4cm wide.  I made a template for the strips because I cut them from a variety of pictures and papers.

  1. Fold all the pages and cover papers in half width wise.
  2. Fold all the strips in half lengthwise.
  3. Take two pages and one strip. Spread glue on the inside of the strip [valley fold].
  4. Line up one edge of a folded page with the fold of a folded strip. Glue the strip to the page. 
  5. Line up the next page with the fold on the folded strip so that when you press down you will have made the first zig in the zigzag.
  6.  Continue gluing the strips and aligning the pages – page, strip open, page, press down, until done.
  7. Add the covers in the same way.

Once you get the hang of this, you will find yourself thinking of different ways of choosing and making the joining strips.  You could choose images that tie in with your subject – birds, or houses or members of your family. You could cut the images from magazines, or photographs or wrapping paper or you could paint or draw them yourself. You could cut straight sided strips, but you could also think about cutting around the shape of an image.

This could make a nice book of memories to give to a friend or someone in your family. You could start by writing a list of sentences beginning “I remember …” Then you can decide on the best order and copy them into the book. You might want to remove “I remember” from the beginning of the sentence. Your title could be “I Remember” or, if the memories involve your friend, you could call the book “Do You Remember?”

For example, my list might start like this:

I remember little dog Susan running top speed round my garden.
I remember sitting plotting in the sunshine of your back porch.
I remember you bringing supplies, fresh fruit and veg and chocolate biscuits!

Then I would change the order and write the title:

Do you remember?
Bringing  me supplies, fresh fruit and veg and chocolate biscuits.
Little dog, Susan, running top speed around my garden
Plotting in the sunshine of your back porch.

You might want to wait until you know what order your writing will be before gluing the pages together. Then you can choose images that match what you have written.

We would love to see photographs of the books that you make and the ideas for writing in them.

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