A house book 1

Here is how to make a simple house book. You could use it as a thank you card or a collection of memories from the past year in the house, or as a special letter for someone you haven’t seen for a while.

Start with a piece of A4 paper -you can of course use a larger or smaller rectangle. It is good to make this book from a heavier weight paper if you have some so that it stands up firmly.

  1. Holding the paper in portrait position, fold it in half from top to bottom.
  2. Fold the paper in half again from side to side, to make a card.
  3. Draw the shape of a house roof on the front sheet of the card.
  4. Open the card out and cut out the roof shape. Cut through both layers of the front page. For this card/ book, cut away the top fold so that the house shape opens up to make more pages.
  5. Now you can draw, write and decorate the card/ book. 

You could keep your book for yourself as a memory  of this time or you could make it for someone else. Perhaps you could do both!

You can draw on some or all of its pages. You can write about what happens in the house – and there will be more ideas for writing next week.

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