Doll and Teddy

23rdJune 2021, iwas National Writing Day in the UK. First Story, the organisation behind it, organised lots of resources, available at the National Writing Day website:

This year’s theme, after a year of lockdown and isolation, is ‘Connection’.  There are so many ways of thinking and writing about connections. Here is one with the very youngest children in mind, but with plenty of scope for older writers. By serendipity, I spotted this offshoot of Janet and Allan Ahlberg’s The Baby’s Cataloguein a charity shop. Doll and Teddyis the title. It continues: Duck and bottle; Kittens and Cat;

Bricks and ball, and so on through a flurry of “Butterfly and flowers and bird and worm and ants!’ and 

Making a list of things that go together, joined by ‘and’ would be fun. They could be expected: cup and saucer; idiomatic: an arm and a leg; or unexpected: fish and bicycle. Is there a connection? How might you display your list? In our school, we made paper chains, jining one object to another; things that go together and things that don’t usually go together.

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