Body of Words

Hello! We’re back.

Let’s think about that quick activity which really spotlights words and phrases.  Many of us start a workshop with a list of words -words we like; words that have a special meaning for us and words that sound good; proper nouns -place names, brand names, friends’ names; small words like if and so; big words like love and inconsequential. It’s just good to get the list going. It makes us notice words.

Today, we suggest you make a list of words and phrases that use parts of the body. You could draw round one person to make a life-sized outline of a body and write you words on there or you could just make a list with a partner and ten join up your ideas with others.

Think about hair, head, teeth, legs. Think about hands, feet, thumbs, tongue. 

Keep your hair on!

Use your head

Get your teeth into this.

It’s got legs!

I have to hand it to you.

No cold feet

So thumbs up to you

What am I to say?

It’s on the tip of my tongue.

Go for it. How many can you collect?


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