Write Outside

We have recently been able to start writing club meetings again. We meet outside on the field during lunchtime and there is always a good-sized group. It is lovely to write outside in the sunshine, though it is good to remember to bring clipboards!

We lay out rugs and groundsheets and bring a small box of supplies. No matter how small the box, the rug is always left strewn with abandoned pencils when the bell is rung to signal the start of afternoon lessons. We usually bring some sort of folded books as our inspiration and have a box of simple origami books for people who prefer those. The session slips by much too quickly. It is a quiet time for writing and talking, learning about and from each other. 

This week we introduced the youngest children to a writing club date of their own. They are in a separate bubble and have missed out on experiencing writing club this year. Although we missed the help of the older children, these younger children did a great job. We had made them cupboard books to fill with their special things and we’ll show you how to make those next week. It is great to be outside in a group, writing together.

We have been thinking about the children in this small school and their attitude to writing. The thing that strikes us is that all children approach writing as a thing they can do – and often actively want to do, like reading and talking, playing football and playing in the wooded area at the edge of the field. These children affirm our belief that everyone can write and find reasons for writing. We are still thinking about how that happens. Perhaps our own lives as day to day writers have something to do with it.

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