Look for a lovely thing

Today I thought we could look for lovely things. I thought of the idea when I read this little poem by Sara Teasdale.

Stars over snow
   And in the west a planet
Swinging below a star –
   Look for a lovely thing and you will find it.
It is not far – 
   It never will be far.

Sara Teasdale

In her poem, Sara Teasdale writes down the lovely thing she has seen in the first three lines. We could look out for lovely things – they really won’t be very far – and then write them down in three lines. You could begin like Sara Teasdale does, stating one thing – ‘stars over snow’, ‘moon in the branches’ ‘mist across fields’, ‘toadstools side by side’. Then add another thing that you see ‘ …and …the deep blue sky before we close the door.’ In Night, the surprising word is ‘swinging’: that planet ‘swinging below …’ It gives the moment movement and life. See if you can do that. Show us the loveliness. 

Just one of these, given to a friend, is a gift. You might want to write a few and give several lovely things in your own words.

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