With a twist

Today we will show you how to make a card with a twist. It is another way to write to a friend or to someone who might like to receive a note. It has a little pocket inside it, so you could add a little extra something, a drawing, maybe, or a photograph, a sticker or a picture cut from a magazine. You will have some good ideas.

You will need two strips of paper of the same height and length. It works best if they are each a different colour, but we have made some with two pages of the same colour and that works just as well. You can make the two strips any size you like but  they must be three times as long as they are high. We made one very tiny card, as well as some larger ones. Why not start with two strips that are 7cm x 21cm. An A4 sheet of paper is 21cm wide so that makes measuring and cutting a bit easier.

  1. Place one strip in front of you in landscape position. 
  2. Working from the left hand edge, measure 1/3 of the paper’s width. In this case, 7cm. Make a light mark. 
  3. Fold the right edge to the mark. Open.
  4. Fold the left edge to the fold you have just made. Your strip of paper should now have three even sections.
  5. Repeat steps 1 – 4 with the second strip. Nest the folded strip inside the first to match the folds. Open the strips out.
  6. Take the top right corner of the centre square and bring it down to touch the bottom left corner of the same square. Smooth the line of the fold that runs diagonally across the centre square. 
  7. Now you should see a triangle with a square attached to each of two of its sides/. One of the squares will be in one colour, the other square will be in the contrasting colour [unless you haven’t used different colours!]
  8. Fold the contrasting square back over the triangle.
  9. Turn the paper over. Now you should see one square at the side, and two triangles in contrasting colours.
  10. Fold the square over the triangles to make a neat square package.
  11. Now you have a little book, with a pocket inside to hold a small gift. This twist card can stand up on display.

You can choose whatever you like to write in the book. It could be a very tiny story, seven small square pages long. You could draw a character or object from the story, cut it out, and tuck it into the triangle pocket.

You could write about a walk you have been on and something small that you found, maybe a tiny leaf, that you could put in the pocket.

We are sure you will have good ideas of your own. 

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