Names are important. Making up names can be fun. If you write stories, you may want to have a collection of names just in case you need an idea for a character.

The poet, Alistair Reid, tells us that we should be good namers. We may all have to name something from time to time. It might be a house or a pet snail, a kitten or a whale. Names have to last a long time so you need to take some care over them. Here are some names that Alistair Reid suggests for elephants, just to get you started:


WILBUR                      ORMOND                    BENDIGO                    BRUCE             McGRAW

ROBERTSON               WENDELL TUBB          DUFF               DEUTERONOMY

Now have a go at making a list of names, for cats, maybe, or bicycles, or, maybe, the hero of you next story.

Roald Dahl was very good at making up names. Have a look at his website. There is a list of all his characters there, including the names of all the giants in the BFG.


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