I stumbled across this delicious book whilst tidying my bookshelves and it reminded me of two projects my school worked on last year – an exhibition of portraits with artist Katy Bentall in February and a summer exhibition about plastic in the sea in conjunction with artist Alice Finbow. It seems that last year was a good year for face inspired exhibitions!

Faces exhibition with Katy Bentall
Faces for the Beyond Plastic exhibition with Alice Finbow

So why not make some faces today? What can you find around the house, in the garden or on a walk that could become facial features? Once you’ve made your face(s) then use them as the starting point for today’s writing. You could describe them; add three things that nobody knows about them. You could write from their point of view. You could imagine a conversation that they might have. You could make a little book of photographs of faces and writing. I’ve been reading Lob by Linda Newbery and I love how Lucy sees little ‘green man’ faces in all sorts of places – bundles of leaves, between the trees and on old church buildings. When you start looking…there really are faces all around us…

We would love to see photos or hear about what you’ve been writing! You can now follow us on Instagram @writing_box_blog

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