Paper and elastic bands

Today you can make the easiest book in the world! These lovely little notebooks are perfect for stashing favourite words or sketching the first signs of spring. All you need is an elastic band (mine are fancy colours, any will do, but preferably a good chunky one), a piece of cardboard – any size but remember your elastic band needs to stretch the length of the spine without snapping. You’ll also need some papers to make pages; I whipped around the house and scooped up old envelopes, recycled papers, leaflets and food packaging. First, make your cover using the cardboard packaging, carefully selecting the pattern for inside or outside, and then make your pages either the same size or a little smaller. I don’t like to be too faffy and exact and I find it gives a nicer look by tearing the edges. Fold everything in half, slip the elastic band around the spine and Bob’s your uncle! Nifty little notebook. What are you going to write in yours?


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