Technical Terms

You may have already found that you need to know more about flowers or birds or slugs or insects to help you identify them. Sometimes the difference between one tree and another is down to the shape of a leaf  or the colour of a bud. It can be tricky! In order to use an identification guide, either in a book or on-line, it can be handy to know some of the words that describe the parts of the plant or creature. And if you are writing, it can be really handy to have the word that defines what you are talking about. 

So here is another list. Find out the key words you need to find identifying features.

You may need words like petal, sepal, serrated, umbelliferous … or … thorax, abdomen, antenna …

You could draw a diagram and label it. You may like to write about a single plant or creature using this vocabulary. Or you could make a small book of very similar flowers, showing the differences between them. This is about writing clearly and accurately. 

This is about being a part of the earth.


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