Tittle Tattle

It’s a word collecting day. I have younger children in mind, but we all love words that sound well in the ear. There is always room for a list of words. Once you start writing them down, more spring to mind and before you know it you have a story or a poem, a song or a memory.

It is good to keep lists of words in your writer’s notebook. You can also write them on separate slips of paper so that you can play around with them. Following on from Monday’s post about writing words down for younger children, this can become a lovely game.

Try writing down words that hang together through sound. It might be that they rhyme, like tittle tattle. It might be that they keep the same structure of consonants, but change the vowels, like shilly shally, flip flop or bing bang bong. If you like technical terms, that is called consonance. We use it a lot and there is a pleasure in saying such patterned words.

Make your list of word pairs. Write them on separate bits of paper if you like. Enjoy them!   You can make a chant or rhyme, if you like.

Spread out all the words and mix them around. Decide what sounds good. You may decide you want to add in some more words, or to make some up. That’s fine. The idea is to enjoy the sounds and patterns you make.

Here is my little chant:

Tittle tattle
Flip flop
Tip top
Splish splash
Wishy washy
Fiddle faddle
Splashy sploshy

One of the things I like about this is the way the sounds echo through the chant. Fiddle faddle, half echoes tittle tattle and the wishy washy splashy sploshy sounds are not all next to each other. You will find things that you like. Go for it!


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