We’re going to keep going with words this week. It is a simple practice that you can weave into your day: first thing in the morning, after lunch, or just before when you are waiting for that bell to ring. You don’t have to write them down. Everyone can just put one word in their head and take turns to say their word out loud around the group. 

Any single word or list of words may well lead to bit of writing, even a small book. Just thinking of words is a good habit of mind.

How about words associated with home? 

Words we call people who are part of home: mum, grandad, Cousin Vera, little Mo.

… and the animals who live there: Beano, Susan, Omlette, the hen and Sarsaparilla, the resident spider.

Words for places and objects: kitchen, Sam’s room, comfy chair, red blanket.

Words for special places indoors and out: top of the stairs, behind the shed, the nest.

Colours: cream, green, ruby red, Indian yellow.

Sounds: drip, creak, croo-croo, squeak…..

Special words that belong to your home: biffboff, mither, twain.

Words for things that happen at home: snuggle, shout, sizzle, woof, woof, woof!

There you have the idea. Enjoy!


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