I’d Rather Be …

This little rhyming game is described in Sandy Brownjohn’s  The Ability to Name Cats. It starts out as an oral game but can be transferred to individual writers.

The game can be played with any number of players. Each person takes it in turn to supply a line using the pattern ‘I rather be  … than … ‘. The second of the pair of words supplies the rhyme. All the other second words must rhyme with it. If a player cannot supply a rhyme, they are out until the next round. No rhyming word may be used more than once in a round. Obviously, there is an advantage to being the first player. Some players may choose words for which there are few rhymes and this is something you learn as you play the game. Here, also, is a place where you can play with rhyme without it ruining the sense or feeling of a poem. You can also play around with more abstruse rhymes -usually for comic effect. 

Here is part of the example from Sandy Brownjohn:

I’d rather be hot than cold.

I rather be young than old.

I rather be bought than sold.

I rather be asked than told.

I rather be daffodil than marigold.

I rather be front page than centrefold.

Enjoy playing the game. Have some fun, perhaps, writing one on your own

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