Flip book

Make yourself a little flip book and create  hundreds of different characters.

A small flip book can generate lots of variations on a theme and plenty of laughter.

Take a sheet of A4 paper and cut it into four quarters. Fold each small sheet and slot the sheets together to make a small book. 

Secure the pages with a stapler. If you don’t have a stapler you can hold them together by binding tape down the spine and up the centre of the booklet.

Now make two horizontal cuts through all the pages, taking care to leave a strip at the spine so the pages all hold together.

Now you can start writing. Each page will have a single phrase with the same pattern

Strip 1:Name:                          Davy Wopsle’s  [with apostrophe of possession]

Strip 2: Colour                         wet moss          [use a colour name you have invented]

Strip 3: Item of clothing          overcoat           [you could have accessories, too]

Continue to fill each right hand page with such descriptions. Then you can keep flipping the strips to read all the different variations. 

Each different combination of name, colour and item conjures up a different character [and a bit of apostrophe practise on the side.]. You can see that you could create many different basic pattern for different purposes.

Mrs Skinks’ wet moss pyjamas; Davy Wopsle’s buttercream waistcoat; Mary Mild’s sky blue overcoat … and so on.


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