My People

Make a list of people who are important to you; people who you like to spend time with, people who you like to have in your life. They may be family or friends or people who you don’t know so well, but are still important, like a teacher, or the lady with old dog who you meet when you are out walking, or the person who serves you dinner at school. There may be people with whom you like to spend time for different reasons: your reading buddy, the person who you like to talk to; the person you like to listen to; the person you dance with; your Minecraft friend, your exercise partner; the person who you simply like to be with.

Once you have made the list, choose someone from the list and write a bit more about them. Think about who they are and what it is you like about them and the time that you spend with them. What have you learned from them? What do you think they like about spending time with you? Write for yourself, first, just to get your thoughts in order. You may discover things that you didn’t know you knew. 

You might find that you would like to write a letter or a poem for that person. Read through what you have written and choose one or two important things to say. Write them on a card. Pop it in an envelope. It is a gift!


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