Startword – I thought that I had made it up, but the word exists. It means a sequence of letters that begin a word that could exist in a particular language.  ‘STR’ could begin any number of words in English -how many can you think of?  But if you saw the letters ‘DZI’ you wouldn’t expect an English word, though you might think of a Polish one.

Make a list of words beginning with ‘str’ or ‘abl’ or ‘chi’ … or choose your own rule. 

When I thought of ‘startwords’ I was thinking of whole words that could set you off to write a sentence that you weren’t expecting. Choose a word from your list that you like the sound of. Or choose one for its meaning. Or let another word drop into your head. Write one very good sentence, using that word.

See how the sound or the shape or the rhythm of the word shapes your writing, your thinking. See how your understanding of the word, its associations, personal and literary, maybe, have influenced the direction of your sentence. The one word, with all its meanings, connotations, reverberations, lies at the core of the sentence. 

Write another one!

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