mixed feelings…

I am……            over the moon
                           under a cloud
                          on top of the world
                           kinda blue
                           walking on air
                           happy as the cat who got the cream
like a bear with a sore head
cheesed off
bored to tears
like a fish out of water
like a cat on hot bricks
a bit hot under the collar
pleased as Punch
on tenterhooks
out of sorts
high as a kite
spitting feathers
I have                 butterflies in my tummy
                           a shiver up my spine
                           my nose out of joint
                           ants in my pants
I am white as a sheet; green with envy; seeing red; purple with rage; tickled pink.
I couldn’t give a hoot; I got out of bed the wrong side; I am feeling very small; she is too big for her boots; 

How are you feeling today? Make your own list of things we say to describe how we feel. 

Choose one of the saying as the beginning of a story or a poem.  What does it mean to be over the moon, kinda blue, spitting feathers?  Let your story show those feelings. Or write a story where the saying  really happens -you, or your characters, really do fly as high as a kite, or walk in air, or have ants in their pants ……


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