Thank you

When someone reads their writing to you, we think that the first and best response is, ‘thank you’. When someone reads to you, it is like being given a gift. 

And perhaps the writer will say ‘thank you’ to you, for listening. Because when you read your writing aloud to someone who is listening carefully, you can hear how good it sounds, and you can hear the little bits that need tidying up.

In the past few weeks many people have done kind things. They have made us smile when we were feeling sad. They have cooked with us and gone out for walks with us. They have had a laugh with us and they have sat quietly with us.

I feel sure that there is someone you know who you would like to thank. It is good to say thank you and, sometimes, it is really good to write it down. I have a box where I keep the cards and notes that say thank you. They mean a lot. 

Think about the person whom you would like to thank. You could write them a note or a card. You could draw them a picture. Say thank you. Say why. Think about how you will give them your note. You could pop it in an envelope. You could leave it on their pillow or somewhere where they sit. You could give it to them directly. Maybe there is more than one person to thank.

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