Read it aloud

Did you write a story last week? Have you read it aloud to someone? I hope they thanked you! 

Now let’s think about reading our writing aloud and how that can help us to be better writers. As we said yesterday, just reading the work aloud, especially if there is someone to listen, can help you to hear how your writing works. You can tell when it flows well and when you need to make some changes.

It is good to read your writing aloud, even if you don’t have an audience. But to have someone listen can really make a difference.

When someone is listening, you can sometimes discover things that you didn’t really know about your own writing. You can hear them grow quiet, you can hear them laugh, you can notice that smile and nod when they recognise something that you have written. I had no idea that my writing could make people laugh until I began reading out to a group. When they laughed I was surprised, and pleased. Then I looked back to see what it was that I had done to make them laugh. Once you know what you are doing, you can try again.

Be courageous. Find someone who is willing to hear what you have written. Notice what happens. Be courageous enough to make changes. And courageous enough to keep it as you want it. And learn to know why you have made those decisions. Good luck!

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