Whose pockets?

Today we challenge you to create one, two, three, or even more characters. We have photographs of the things we found when three characters turned out their pockets and bags. Who can they be? Look closely at the photographs and see what clues you can find. 

Who would carry such things with them and what have they been doing all day? Are they old or young, male or female, human or from a fantasy? Look once, look twice, and then look a third time. There is at least one surprise in each collection. I wonder what it is doing there.

You could choose just one collection of things and draw the person you imagine owns them. You could write about them and tell us about their day. Maybe they know one of the other characters whose things are here in these pictures. Are they friends? What happens when they meet?

If you like, you could make a collection of things of your own. Imagine a character and think what they might have in their pocket. Or just collect a few things and imagine who might own them and why.

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