Earth day

Today is earth day. This year, the day marks fifty years since the founding of the environmental movement in 1970.

So we thought you might like to write for the earth.

Write what you love about the earth and its creatures.

Write a praise song.

Give thanks. It’s a list!

You could begin each line –‘Thanks for..’ or Praise to..’ or ‘I love…’ Say what the thing is -rain, ladybirds, peaches, the sea. Say what it is you especially love: ‘Thanks for dandelions, their shaggy golden heads, their spheres of fairy wishes.’

This is writing that you could share with other people. You could write a long list with some other people, each adding something in turn. And we thought you could make an earth book where you could write your words.

You need a rectangular sheet of paper and some scissors. I chose some brown paper that came in a package last week. I have been waiting for an opportunity to use it. Brown paper seems a good colour for a praise song for the earth. It doesn’t matter that it is a bit creased.

Take your paper and make a zigzag book as usual. That is, fold it in half in landscape position and then fold that double strip into quarters. [Drawing 1].

Now unfold the whole book and fold it again across the width. Place it with the fold on your left. You should have four pages in front of you.

In the top left hand page, cut out a quarter of a circle through both layers of paper and fold the quarter down. ([Drawing 2].

Next, fold the paper back to the original zigzag shape. The circle should pop up in the middle. [Drawing 3]. You can fold the zigzags in any directions you choose.

I cut out a picture from a magazine to fill the circle. You could make your own drawing or take a photo and stick that in the circle if you can. As always, this is your book. You can make it how you wish.

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