It is possible for one person to create a whole calendar alone. It would be a labour of love. Twelve months. Twelve illustrations. If you are part of a class or group, then the work can be shared. Start with a theme. One that easily comes to mind is the seasons and the months within each season.

Collect photographs and paintings of each one: spring, summer, autumn, winter. You may have enough photographs of your own, once you look back over the year. You can find lovely photographs on-line. The Guardian newspaper has an excellent selection of photos.

Talk about what happens during each season. What is happening in the natural world -weather, flowers and fruit, lambing and harvest time. Think of the things that you do at different times of the year -the paddling pool, football matches, feeding the birds. Some children like to write about their birthday month.

Share out the months between the writers. If there are more than twelve writers, it is fine to double up. You are going to write a very short poem or small description. It can be a list. It could describe one activity or the weather a something from memory.

There are loads of leaves
On the tree. They fall down.
The blackberry bush
is covering my garage.
There’s loads of berries.
When we go for a walk
we find some then
and we eat them.
May is sun at night. 
I wake up early and sometimes 
I go downstairs and play.
I can smell
Pumpkins beginning
To grow, tomatoes
Overtaking the sky
Garlic taking your noses
To another world.

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