Firework makers

In Philip Pullman’s magic novel, The Firework Maker’s Daughter, Lila, the daughter in question, learns to invent and make fireworks herself. When she does so, her father encourages her to name them. She makes

  • Golden Sneezes
  • Crackle Dragons
  • Tumbling Demons
  • Shimmering Coins
  • Java Lights
  • Leaping Monkeys.

Invent some names for your own fireworks. Make a list.

Choose one and describe what it will do, what it will look and sound like.

Think about

  1. How long the firework lasts. What is the sequence?
  2. What noises it makes and how loud.
  3. What colours and shapes it makes.
  4. What makes this firework particularly special.
  5. What the firework makes you feel when you see it.

You might like to start by making notes with drawings. Then you could write up your ideas using the firework book form. You could write it as an advert. You could use the book form to enact the movement of the firework, letting it unfold with the book. You could write it as a poetic descripton.


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