Cardboard Conversations

Here’s another use for cardboard, both thick and thin. Create card characters using the thick card from boxes. Cut rectangles and draw your character. If you wish, you can cut the outline of the character, but if you leave them as rectangles, there is space to add a speech bubble or three. Give the character a name and add a card support if you wish. Then your person can stand freely.

Next, decide what your character is saying. Write it on thinner card and make a speech bubble shape around it. [It is easier to do it this way round. It can sometimes be hard to fit all the words into a bubble you have already drawn. Now you can glue or tape the speech bubble next to your character.

If you like, you could work with a friend and create a short conversation between your two characters. You could use speech bubbles, or write the conversation out on paper. Use a new line each time a different character speaks.

We have just used black market pens to draw our characters. You could add colour with paint or ink. You could add clothes using coloured paper or scraps of fabric. It could be fun to make a set of characters. Then you can make up all kinds of adventures for them.

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