My name is Sluggery-wuggery
My name is Worms-for-tea
My name is swallow-the-table-leg
My name is Drink-the-sea.

Pauline Clarke

Here is a chance for you to make up names. You could make up names for yourself or for an invented, maybe magical, character. Make a list of all the different names you can think of and then put them together so that they sound good when you read them aloud.

Think of:

  • names that are made up –like ‘Sluggery-wuggery;
  • names that say what you like or what you do – ‘I-ride’whales’ or, one of my favourites ,‘I-eat-saucepans’
  • names that link you to something that you like or do: ‘Grand-Piano-George’.
  • Think about the way the names can rhyme or use alliteration.

You can easily find Pauline Clarke’s poem through an on-line search or in a good anthology. It’s in Roger McGough’s lovely anthology, Ring of Wordsso you have a good excuse to find yourself a cop


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