Cards from card.

It is always good to receive a lovely message through the post, even when it is delivered by hand -perhaps especially when delivered by hand. You may not have any post cards at home and you are not likely to be away on holiday at the moment, so what could you do?

Your home is full of cardboard packaging. Have a look in the recycling bin, or catch the card before it is thrown away. You can cut a card from all kinds of packaging -cereal or biscuit packets, boxes that have contained tea or toothpaste, card sleeves around olives or dips, even card labels or thicker card that is part of a delivery box. 

Some card packaging is very pretty – herbal tea boxes, for example – some has interesting words and some need a little titivation to make them more interesting. How might you titivate a card? You can draw on it, add stickers or washi tape, glue on drawings or pictures cut from magazines or wrapping paper, If you have stencils, you could print on messages. Sometimes the card suggests an idea -it may look like a face or an animal and you can add the details. Sometimes there are words that you can use.

Then you must add a message or some other form of words. You could send a poem, maybe you could send a blackout poem or message. You could write a little story that you have invented or about something you have done or seen during the day. Once yo start working on the card, ideas will come to you and the design will grow alongside the words.

Don’t forget to leave space for a name and address, especially if you are sending it through the post. 

You may like to make some cards for people who live nearby. Perhaps there are people who live alone and would like a little message from you. You could post them when you go out for a walk.


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