A book of myself

I thought we might begin the year with some thoughts about ourselves. It seems a good moment to capture something of who we are, just now. What are we thinking and feeling? What is important in our lives? Who are we?

I am thinking that we could spend some time this week writing about our own lives and thoughts and hopes for the future. We can look back and see where we have come from. We can pause and ask ourselves some questions. Make yourself a book or find a notebook for your writing. It would be good to add drawings and photographs. You could include other mementos, too: sweet wrappers, letters, pressed leaves …..

Begin with some lists. Think about what you like to do and be. Think about preferences and what makes you feel content. Instead of writing one word answers, try and say a bit more about exactly it is you like and why. If we are asked what our favourite colour is, we might say ‘red’ (though we always dress in blue). There are many kinds of red -poppies, sunsets, some trees in autumn, that soft wool jumper your auntie knitted for you.  What kind of red do you really like? Sometimes what we prefer depends on our mood. There may be one place where you like to be more than anywhere else, but it is likely that there are several places where you like to spend your time. You may love to swim, and really like to be in a particular pool or the sea; there may be places you like because of the people who are there and other places where you like to be alone. Write them down!

Here is a list of things you could think about. Some of them may have one answer. You may wish to add some drawings. Some may require a list!

The place[s] where I like to spend my time.

The kinds of places I like -seaside or forest, city or village, mountains or underground …. There may be a place where you go to again and again. There may be a place that you visited once and would love to return to. Write it down!

What about the rooms in your home? Where do you like to be? 

Clothes that I feel good in. You could include clothes that you really loved wearing but have grown out of. You may like different clothes for different occasions. Of all the kinds of clothes that you wear, what comes top of the list?

How I like to spend my time at home.

How I like to be active: how do you like to exercise? Do you cycle, run, play football, walk the dog, trampoline …

The things I like studying best at school.

Food -what is my best meal of the day? What foods are at the top of my list? What foods do I never wish to eat again?

Making – what do you like to make? Cakes, Lego, bonfires, a mess ……

The things that you like to talk about – who do you like to talk to? What do you like to talk about?


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