broke a teacup –
reminds me
how good it feels
to break things
Ishikawa Takuboku Japanese poem translated by Carl Sesar

I found this poem by accident and it reminded me, also, how good – and how bad – it can be to break things. When I was a child, I quite often broke things inadvertently, because I wanted to know how they worked. That was usually a horrible feeling. Sometimes it is great to smash and tear and rip and throw. Though other people may not feel the same about what you are doing.

When have you broken something?  Was it on purpose or by accident? What was it? How did it happen? Why did it happen? What happened next? Did you try to hide the evidence, to mend it, to blame the cat? What did other people say and do?

Try writing the story of how you broke something – or write a story where a character breaks something . What is it they break, and what are the consequences? 


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