Lockdown Letters

Many of you have been writing about your day to day life for the last few months. You may have poems, lists, observations. Now is the time to put those to use. Kettle’s Yard Gallery has ut out a call for Lockdown Letters. They would like you to write a one page letter telling them about your experience of lockdown. It could be in note form; it could be a list [hurrah!]; you might put a poem in there or a collection of extracts from your diary, or from your Lockdown ABC. 

You could tell them what your routine has been, the small things you have noticed, things you have been grateful for. 

The letters will be read by the poet Hannah Jane Walker. She is going to make a poem based on all the letters and if you send a letter, you can ask to receive a copy of the poem. Then all the letters will go into the Cambridge University archive. What you write will help people in the future know what it was like to be alive at this time. 

I feel sure that you could write a really good letter, and maybe even add some drawings. Here is a copy of the call for letters, and instructions about where to send your letter and what will happen to it.


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