Let’s collect words today. When we begin our Writing Club, we always think of words. Sometimes we each write them down in a list. Sometimes we keep one or two in our head.

Then we share our words, one each around the circle.

You can collect words in your head, in a list in your notebook. In a box or a bag.

Which words? Any words that you like at the moment.

Words that sound good, like didgeridoo or spillikins or flump. Words that make us feel good, like soft or rambunctious or friend.

Words that are the names of places or people: Ipswich, Dave, Argentina, Professor Harley Butterfield. Words that are brand or product names: Marmite, Pringles, Coco Pops, Monster Munch. undefined

Nouns and verbs are good: hippopotamus, spoon, boot, stagger, somersault, push, fly. Go for it. long or short, real or made up. This is your bag of words.


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