T-Cut Book

Here’s how to make a pleasing book with an inner section that you can use for illustration, or contrast, commentary or hidden thoughts.

You will need a rectangular sheet of paper -A4 or US letter is fine. If you want to add hard covers, you will also need some thin card.

  • Place the paper in landscape position. Fold in half, folding the bottom edge to the top.
  • Open and fold in half widthwise.
  • Fold the upper open edge to the fold.
  • Turn the paper over. Fold the other open edge to the fold.
  • Open the paper out. Place it in front of you in landscape position. The vertical centre fold should be a valley fold.
  • Cut up from the bottom edge, along the middle fold, to the centre mark.
  • Cut across the horizontal centre fold making the top of a T at the top of the vertical cut.
  • Turn the paper through 180 degrees so  that the T-cut is upside-down. Fold down the top half of the paper, top edge to bottom edge
  • Open the two flaps like cupboard doors.
  • Refold mountain and valley folds so that there is a mountain fold at the centre. The two outside folds should be valley folds.
  • Fold the book closed, accordion style. 
  • If you wish you can add thin card to the front and back pages to create a hard cover.

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