A Kindness of Words

Just at the moment, we are not able to meet many people, to sit around and chat, to share stories, to imagine things together. There are probably people who you are missing. They will be missing you. You may also know of people who live alone and never see anyone, from one day to the next. What could be nicer than to receive a note, a letter, a poem, a drawing surrounded by happy words? In the next few posts we are going to suggest some ideas for sharing words with other people.

Today, think about writing to someone you know. It could be someone who lives in the same house as you. It could be someone who lives far away, or someone who lives quite nearby, but cannot visit you. 

Next, think about a golden moment from your day, or week; one small thing that has made you smile. Here are some of mine: seeing the sunlight making fallen leaves shine like gold in the woods; noticing the holes and tunnels a beetle has made in a tree trunk, they look like a mysterious language, a new alphabet; smelling a slice of bread as it toasts and wondering whether I will spread it with Marmite or jam; getting so lost in a book that I didn’t even realise it was teatime. 

Choose your moment. Write it down. Tell us all the little details. Don’t forget taste and touch, smell and sounds. Try and write as if you are a camera. Write the photograph or the snippet of video that is your moment. You could make a drawing to go with it. 

Pop your written golden moment in an envelope. Write their name, and an address if you are sending it away. Post it to the person you are thinking of. It is like posting them a smile.

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